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Slow Computer

We suggest that you uninstall software from the list below as they are known to cause computer slowing.  Either remove them through your control with add/remove programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (More current versions of Windows) or you may need to remove them through your manage add-ons in your web browser.

Google Updater
Weather Bug
24/7 Support
A LOT Appbar
Big Fix
Clean Fix
Driver Wizard
Driver Finder
Conduit Search
Search Protect
Browser Protect
Reg Fix Cleaner
Registry Defender
Spy Cleaner
Coupon Bar
Ask Toolbar
Babylon Toolbar
Embark Toolbar
Google Toolbar
Elf Toolbar
FLV Toolbar
Century Link Toolbar
Inbox Toolbar
My Web Search
PC Power Speed Up
Reg Cleaner
Spyware Defender
Spyware Doctor
Spyware Terminator
Uni-Blue (All Programs)

Some of the above listed software installs as 3rd party options during the installation of other more popular programs.  As a rule of thumb be mindful and pay particular attention to the small and additional print when you install software on your system.  If you have any trouble with the removal any of the listed software or other similar software, please do not hesitate to call and for a small fee, we can remove them for you remotely.

Victim of browser highjacker malware, download one or both of the below listed programs and sweep your system clean.  After cleaning you can remove the programs and re-download again whenever needed.

Adware Cleaner


Ever worry about becoming the victim of a ransom virus?  Worry no more!  You can call us and we will assist you with creating a offline solution sure to get your system up and running again in no time at all.

Windows Defender Offline

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tools

Trend Micro Offline Scanner

Windows 10 has some added features to help protect you against ransom ware attacks.  Please visit the Microsoft Malware Protection Center for Tips:

Microsoft Malware Protection Center